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Why do I have a large excess of traffic in my account?

There was a large excess of traffic. What is the reason and how to solve the problem?

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26.07.2018 11:18
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Employee Misha

Each tariff includes a certain amount of traffic, i.e. information transmitted and sent from the server or to the server, you can control the amount of traffic spent using statistics in the control panel. If necessary, we recommend using sniffers to analyze outgoing traffic, for example, tcpdump for Unix systems, or wireshark for Windows operating systems.

If you see an abnormally high traffic excess, then in most cases this may indicate that your server has been infected with viruses, or that attackers have accessed your server (the password is too simple). In such cases, we can give the following recommendations:

- Set a complex password for your server. Example of a complex password: Gd8j%$jdtdvEq237LF.

- Check the server files with an antivirus, for example, you can use ClamAV for Linux.

- If there is no important data on your server, or there are few of them and you can save them quickly, we recommend that you immediately reinstall the operating system on the server.

You should always remember that the server is administered by the client himself and it is necessary to regularly monitor the relevance of the installed software, update the software and scripts used, and always use complex passwords.

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