Affiliate Program

Earn with VDSina

Our best partners earn more
10,000 $ per year


Your income will grow

The affiliate percentage will grow from the base 20% along with the number of clients you bring and their monthly server spending:

The partner percentage will grow from the base 20% along with the number of clients you bring and their monthly server spending:


1,000 $ —

4,999 $


5,000 $ —

9,999 $


10,000 $

and higher

Your affiliate percentage is calculated based on the average monthly income for the last 3 months. To increase the partner percentage, simply create a ticket in the control panel.

How much can you earn?

Real case


Let's say you're a web developer and you make websites on WordPress for your clients.


The finished site needs hosting, you recommend to the client AMD EPYC cloud server, which can handle all loads well.


The client registers in VDSina using your referral link and pays for hosting.


8 GB RAM / 4 cores / 80 GB NVMe / 64 TB of traffic

The tariff costs 37.365 $ per month.

15 sites = 1,345.14 $ per year

If you have at least 15 WordPress sites in your portfolio that you recommended VDSina to, your passive earnings will be 1,345.14 $ per year

Your passive earnings



You recommend the tariff to 15 customers


560.475 $

37.365 * 15 = 560.475 $ turnover of your customers


112.095 $

20% of the turnover is 560.475 * 0.2 = 112.095 $ per month — your earnings


672.57 $

Every six months


1,345.14 $

1,345.14 $ per year

Simple conditions for the withdrawal of earnings


Affiliate accruals occur once a week


You recommend VDSina to your clients and give them your referral link


Funds can be withdrawn to the bonus account balance or receive USDT (TRC20)


The minimum withdrawal amount for USDT is 100$. You can withdraw as much as you like to the bonus balance of your account

How to become a VDSina partner and start earning


Need hosting

Your clients or friends need hosting


We recommend VDSina

Sending your referral link


We get %

The client you bring spends money and you get at least 10%

Where to get an affiliate link

1. Where is the affiliate link

The affiliate link and the full statistics of transitions and registrations are located in the control panel, in the "Affiliate" menu

2. USDT withdrawal

3. Withdrawal to the bonus account

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Terms of participation in the partner program

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Funds from affiliate account to USDT are withdrawn within 5 business days

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It is forbidden to place contextual advertising in all systems with a link to the main site ( and all its subdomains for any queries

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One person cannot be both a partner and a referral

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Before ordering a USDT payout, an affiliate must have attracted at least two active clients in the last 365 days

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