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Rules for the placement of websites and software

What websites and software can you host? Is it possible to host adult websites?

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26.03.2018 11:52
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Employee Misha

Anything that is not prohibited by the rules described below.

We do not respond to most complaints related to copyright, but transfer information to the site owner, with the exception of complaints from reputable sources (government agencies, courts, etc.). In any case, we treat this type of complaint with tolerance and understanding.
We block your account only in extreme cases and with prior warning, except for violations of our company's rules, described in detail below. Depending on the situation, we give 2-3 days to solve the problem.

It is FORBIDDEN on our hosting:

- place viruses, exploits, botnets, as well as redirects to them;
- post child pornography;
- conduct any type of SPAM (incoming and outgoing);
- carry out any activity that may lead to blocking the IP addresses of the company's servers and/or entering them into various blocking lists (for example, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop);
- post various scripts that scan networks and sites in order to find vulnerabilities, select passwords, hack, etc.;
- post various fraudulent sites, as well as sites that distribute and/or promote narcotic drugs.

We have a negative attitude towards any activity that interferes with other hosting clients. In such cases, we will be forced to temporarily suspend the server.

Our company is loyal to various complaints, but in case of violation of our rules described above, we may block the site and/or account.

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